Welcome to the "Critical Online Edition of Eugenio Pacelli's Nuncial Reports (1917-1929)".

Here, the reports and attachments Eugenio Pacelli, the future Pope Pius XII, sent to the Roman Curia when he was nuncio in Munich (1917-1924) and Berlin (1920-1929) are gathered, edited critically, annotated and evaluated.

Both the final versions sent to Rome (approx. 5,400) and Pacelli's drafts (approx. 5,200) are included. The online edition allows the textual genesis of the drafts to be graphically presented. Moreover, the directives sent to the nuncio by various curial authorities (approx. 4,200) as well as the attachments enclosed to them are edited, too. In total, approximately 21,000 documents are available open access to scholars and the international public.